The Finnish Street Organ Association brings together enthusiasts of street organs and mechanical music instruments. The purpose is to organize events, be a channel between members and the public, to study the history of Finnish street organs and grinders, and otherwise maintain the old street organ culture. The association is founded in 2003.

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One of our main efforts during recent years was to study and publish the history of street organs and street organ grinders in Finland. Pyörii kuin posetiivin sokka (Spinning around like a street organ pin – Stories about grinders and their street organs) is the first study of the wandering grinders in Finland. The printed book is almost sold out, the second edition was published in PDF-format.

Those interested in the book can contact the association by email

Pyörii kuin posetiivin sokka - Tarinoita soittajista ja soittokoneista

Author Markku Karvonen, published by Suomen Posetiivarit ry 2020

280 pages, first edition ISBN 978-952-94-3038-3, second edition ISBN 978-952-94-4166-2 (PDF)

"The crank spinned and the music played" is a short Finnish street organ and grinders' history. The YouTube video is narrated by Markku Karvonen, spoken in Finnish, with English subtitles. YouTube

Some of our members playing Radetzky March by Johann Strauss Sr., YouTube

Finlandia Hymn by Jean Sibelius, performed by Posetiivari Marcello with Posetiivari Rodolfo, YouTube